1.How to copy between two terminals using vim?
  1. open file a
  2. copy the items (using yy)
  3. close file a (Main point)
  4. open file b
  5. paste the items
  6. save and exist file b
2.How to copy to system clipboard?
if `:echo has('clipboard')` return 0
    install clipboard first by running
    sudo apt-get install vim-gtk
else `:set clipboard=unnamedplus`
    use "+y | "+2yy to copy and +p to paste
3.How to put the current line to the top of the screen?

From time to time, I'm typing at the bottom of the screen.So I need to go back to the top.


z<return> || zt #to the top
zb #to the bottom
zz #to the middle
Tips:All of those command keep the cursor where it was

4.vim moving between windows?


5.Debug using vim?

makefile + pyclewn + vim

Use pyclewn to debug C/Python (Using gdb/pdb)
*See more on * pyclewn org

6.vim paste indent problem?

When I paste code into document from clipboard, I get extra space in new line:


To solve this:

:set paste   #turn on the paste mode
#do the paste you need
:set nopaste  #turn off the paste mode

7.using book mark?

Command  Description
ma   set mark a at current cursor location
'a   jump to line of mark a
`a   jump to position of mark a
d'a  delete from current line to line of mark a
d`a  delete from current posi to posi of mark a
c'a  change from current line to line of mark a
y`a  yank   from cursor to position of mark a (to unnamed buffer)
:marks   list all the current marks
:marks aB    list marks a, B